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A family man with three girls and no boys E.L. Smith is a grade A comedian, and writer that has performed all over the country as well as over seas! A versatile talent, E.L. has acted in dramatic as well as comedic roles in TV pilots. He has also written a pilot (Breaking In) that have garnered attention from some of the top industry players, so it is only a matter of time before E.L Smith is a house hold name, not only in his house but others houses as well. Remember he has three girls at home. 

E.L Smith approaches the mic with a fearless attitude that will leave audiences wanting more.

His confidence onstage helps him ease his way through a number of diverse topics, for this reason E.L has been a finalist and winner in many comedy competitions such as the South Beach Comedy Festival. Roy Wood Jr. (Daily Show Commentator) has said E.L. Smith is Amazingly Funny !!!! great Stuff !!!!!

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