• All Things Comedy with Kira Soltanovich

    Yo, I am so excited I was on the Kira Soltanovich Podcast for All Things Comedy! My wife Tiffany was a guest too, and like any good wife out [...]
  • COZI TV Comedy Search Contest.

    I'm in the COZI TV Comedy Search and would really appreciate your vote. You'll got until June 27th to vote from there the judges will announce [...]
  • Thick Skin

    OK people. I know everyone has heard of the saying you got to have a thick skin. It doesn't matter if you are in sales, customer service or [...]
  • Out of your comfort zone

    The year was 2010 in Tampa Florida; I was at a comfortable job with many friends that supported me in my comfortable place of performing Stand-up [...]
  • Shootin’ the Sh!# Podcast w/ J.R. Cruz

    Had an amazing time hanging out with the Funny, Talented, and all around cool dude J.R. Cruz, and Shootn' the Sh!# click below to listen. Plus [...]
  • 199

    What if I told you out of 224 NFL players take were taken int the 2000 NFL, the one player that was pick 199 is headed for The Hall of Fame of [...]
  • Successful People

    Everyone wants to be successful and reach their life goals, in this comedy game there is no difference. I once got into a conversation with a [...]